Presenters / Faculty

Important Presentation Information
  • Copyright: If your slides contain images, illustrations, figures, tables, or text that has been published elsewhere or comes from another source, you are responsible for requesting and securing permission from the copyright holder to include the material in your slides and authorize ASCO to record the presentation.
  • HIPAA: Remember to remove all patient-identifying information from your slides. If your slides contain images or information about patients or other individuals, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate patient consent (including HIPAA authorization if applicable) to include the material in your slides and authorize ASCO to record the presentation.
  • Prior Publication: If you or others plan to publish the data contained in your presentation, you are responsible for communicating with the publisher to determine whether the recording of your presentation for use in the Meeting Videos and Slides and elsewhere will be considered prior publication.
  • Format: All presentations at this year's Symposium will be in widescreen format. To take full advantage of the widescreen format, we recommend that you build or convert your presentation to 16:9. For your convenience, the official Symposium PowerPoint template is in widescreen format. If you choose not to use the widescreen template, your presentation will be "pillar boxed" on the 16:9 screen as shown to the right. 
  • Take-Home PointsBriefly summarize your key findings and state your conclusion—ensure that your conclusion is fully supported by the data in your presentation. If possible, provide recommendations or actions to help solidify your message. Consider: if the audience remembers one thing from my presentation, what do I want it to be?

Download detailed guidelines and technical recommendations.

If you have questions or special requests about the audio-visual setup for your presentation, please contact ASCO staff.

Upload Instructions and Deadlines
  • Please ensure that the session chair has the opportunity to review your slides prior to the meeting, by uploading by February 8, 2018.
  • Please submit your presentation via the internet on the Speaker Center website
At the Symposium

Speakers should review their presentation in the Faculty Registration and Presenter Ready Room no later than 2 hours prior to their scheduled presentation. The Ready Room will be staffed with technicians who can assist with compatibility or formatting issues. Be sure to use the mouse to advance your slides, not the keyboard, as you will only have a mouse at the lectern to advance your presentation. Left click advances the slides; right click goes back. Be sure to print any notes you expect to need, as the “Presenter” view with notes will not be available.

Faculty Registration and Ready Room Hours of Operation

Thursday, February 15

Friday, February 16 Saturday, February 17
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM 6:45 AM – 5:45 PM 6:45 AM – 4:00 PM