Featured Sessions

The 2018 Cancer Survivorship Symposium will feature expert faculty leading discussions on the needs of survivors, with a focus on coordinated care, health promotion after cancer, creating care plans in a clinical setting, and the care for long-term treatment effects. For the full program, visit the Program By Day.

General Session 1: The Economic Impact on Survivors and Caregivers

Friday, February 16
8:45 AM - 10:15 AM

The high cost of cancer care, the disruption of income that often ensues from treatment, and the potential strategies to ease economic burdens will be discussed in this session. The panel will include both experts and patient perspectives.

From left: Catherine M. Bender, PhD, RN, FAAN; Timothy Gilligan, MD, FASCO; Cathy Bradley, PhD; Carolyn Messner, DSW, OSW-C, FAPOS, LCSW-R; Samantha Watson; Robin Yabroff, PhD.

Keynote Lecture by Arti Hurria, MD, FASCO

Saturday, February 17
7:55 AM – 8:45 AM

Dr. Arti Hurria, an internationally renowned expert in geriatric oncology, will address the survivorship needs of elderly patients and how to get survivorship care covered by Medicare and other resources.

Arti Hurria, MD, FASCO.

General Session 4: When Treatment Does Not Stop

Saturday, February 17
8:45 AM - 10:15 AM

The number of nonchemotherapy cancer treatments is growing rapidly, and these treatments are often given for years with unique side effect profiles. This session offers perspectives from a panel of experts on specific challenges posed by nonchemotherapy cancer treatments, including immunotherapy, hormonal therapy, and tyrosine kinase inhibitors. 

From left: Allison W. Loren, MD; Katherine Van Loon, MD, MPH; Alicia K. Morgans, MD, MPH; Katy K. Tsai, MD; Loretta A. Williams, PhD, APRN.